Easy Ways How to Tie Converse High Tops Our Everyday Life ?

It is very easy to tie converse high tops in our everyday life. You will look at how to tie converse high tops beautifully if you know how to tie converse high tops properly.

There are many how to tie converse high tops photos on the internet, but some of them are really bad how to tie converse high tops images and it is not easy how to tie converse high tops find a good how to  tie  converse  high  tops image.

Instructions to Tie Converse High Tops

How to Tie Converse High Tops
How to Tie Converse High Tops

If you’re keen on the most proficient method to tie talk high tops , then, at that point, look no further! Learn how tie converse high tops with the simple instructions below.

You should now have a cross shape at the highest point of your shoe bands.  Now, pass one of the bottom strings through the loop closest to it and pull tight. Repeat this step for the other place. Now, tie both laces together in an extra knot (double knot) for added security. That’s how to tie converse high tops . Enjoy your new sneakers! Additional tips: Look online or at a retail store for more colors and styles of laces if you want to change how your converse high tops look.

Now, you will know how to tie converse high tops in our everyday life. This is a simple and easy way to tie converse high tops and pick up your look!

How to Lace Tie Converse High Tops Step by Step Shoe Design

Before we hop in, it’s significant that while it’s particularly centered around Converse High Tops binding, these strategies are some incredible ways of binding up shoes – so give utilizing them a shot your high tops or some other footwear. 

֎ The standard lacing method is discussed below

How to Tie Converse High Tops
How to Tie Converse High Tops

Step 1

  • The initial step is to shoot the plastic cylinder around the ribbon and push it with the eyelid as displayed previously. Ensure the bands are straight and even. 
  • Now take the plastic tube shots around the lace on one side and go towards the eye which is 3 on the opposite side.

Step 2

  • The lace should be pressed and pulled just above the eyelids.
  • Now go to the eye in the opposite way and pull the lace down. Then, push the lattice into the eyelids just above it.

Step 3

  • Take one of the bands and push it through the lower islet to do the inverse for the ribbon.
  • Exactly the same thing should be accomplished for the converse ribbon, shaping a huge X when it is finished. 

Step 4

To finish, leave an eyelid at the top, then push the edges behind them. You can, at this point, push the conversation tongue a little more.

֎ Diamond lace shoes method

How to Tie Converse High Tops
How to Tie Converse High Tops

This is likewise called the “Bungle strategy” or the “jewel ribbon”. Not exclusively does the jewel shoe trim style grab the attention, it holds the opposite immovably set up. This makes this strategy remarkable for running or sports, or any time you need to genuinely get your contrary high tops. Coincidentally, these look extraordinary with pants, for additional on other incredible shoe/pants look at the article on the best shoes to wear with pants 

Step 1:

  • Take your ribbon through the base eyelets, all through them as in the picture. 
  • You’re then going to keep away from up to the third eyelet, and take your trim across and enter that initial.

Step 2: 

  • Now pull the aglet under and up the accompanying eyelet one above Feed the trim aglet into the opposite eyelet one down. 
  • As a matter of fact like in figure a, go up and under the accompanying eyelet above. 
  • Continue to do this until you arrive at the top 
  • Presently take the other trim and weave under and over the tied bands 

Step 3:

  • Subsequent to weaving under and over the current tied groups, go over and into the eyelet two up 
  • Presently pull the aglet one eyelet up and weave under and over until appearing at the eyelet two down 
  • Rehash stages an and b with each trim until you get to the top. 

Step 4:

  • At the moment that you get to the top, take the lace aglet and go under into the eyelet one underneath weave under and through the top lace and into the top eyelet one up.  Do likewise for the other ribbon and you’re finished!

֎ Lightning bolt shoe laces method

How to Tie Converse High Tops
How to Tie Converse High Tops

This specific talk binding is great for safely affixing shoes with long bands. Extraordinary to take a gander at, the strategy is known as the easing up bolt due to the crises cross binding. While it might seem muddled, it is pretty much as quick as lightning to do. 


  • Tie a bunch inside the top eyelet ribbon and get slantingly finished 
  • Once got through the contrary base eyelet, feed the ribbon under then up through the following eyelet. 

Step 2:

  • Cross the shoe trim over and feed it through the eyelet Presently go under and out of the net eyelet .

Step 3:

  • Get the lace back wrapped up  
  • Rehash this and return to the opposite side 
  • Rehash and tie at the top 

֎ Lattice lacing style method

How to Tie Converse High Tops
How to Tie Converse High Tops

We present the following technique for binding shoes, called “Grid” binding. In addition to the fact that this looks great, however it offers a more prominent degree of solace. The upper piece of the cross section shoe bands design leaves space at the forward portion of the foot (for adaptability) while keeping up with enough shoe security. 


  • Start with the binding going through the base and out through the eyelets in an orderly fashion, as in the picture .
  • Presently run the shoe trim into the contrary eyelet up by three .
  • Pull the trim inside and go under and out through the following eyelet according to the picture. 

Step 2:

  • Go askew down three eyelets and again head inside and under through the following eyelet up .
  •  Again go askew up three, aside from this time the trim should emerge from the top eyelet .

Step 3:

  • From the lower part of the furthest edge take the trim over and under. Then, feed in through the eyelets that is 3 up From this position feed the trim under the accompanying eyelet up Presently weave through various groups by going under then over then under again. Go into the following eyelet and back under the eyelet above then recurrent the weave .
  • End grid weave with a bunch of your decision .

Main concern 

How to Tie Converse High Tops
How to Tie Converse High Tops

Chances are, one of the above methods of binding your opposite high tops will wind up being your “go to” binding example. In any case, on the events when you need something else (or simply need to flaunt a little) then, at that point, utilize this aid “On the most proficient method to bind chat high tops” as your reference point. 

As a side note, alongside the binding strategies, add different shaded bands, or thicker and more slender ones to upgrade each plan.

Conclusion :

With the popularity of Converse high tops, it’s time to get into how you tie them. There are a few different ways to do this and we will go over each one in detail below. If you have never tied your own shoes before or need some help, try these steps for tying Converse high top laces today!

How to Tie Converse High Tops Video

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